Goddess on the Go was born from the simple yet powerful concept that women could be empowered to honour their curvy bodies and express their fashion individuality. Founder Janet Molloy created a dynamic, female-focused company that encourages self-confidence and self-empowerment with style. Her passion is creating comfortable, figure-flattering, ethically produced clothing for women of all ages, shapes and sizes with the aim of helping each individual look amazing, feel fabulous and live joyfully.

Janet's flair for design surfaced early, encouraged by her couture designer mother, and her father who imported luxury European textiles to Australia. After working in the women's apparel industry (and training as a chef and hospitality manager) she moved to Bali in 1988. The magical island inspired her to give free rein to her creativity and entrepreneurship, and she has created landmark restaurants, silver and garment businesses.

Janet travels frequently for business and pleasure (for her they are indistinguishable!). Shopping for appropriate, comfortable yet versatile clothes was always frustrating. She dreamed of finding the perfect easy-care fabric, and having a selection of colourful garments she could mix and match for every occasion that cropped up in her busy life. When she came across Modal, the idea for Goddess on the Go came alive. Now she partners with suppliers to experiment with colours and textures and to improve fabric performance.

She’s obsessive about design details too, e.g. using accents that don’t add to the weight or drying time of the garment; printing information directly onto the garment so there’s no irritating sewn-in labels; and designing with few zips as they may compromise the drape of the fabric. Janet truly leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of fashion wear that fulfils the aesthetic and practical demands of today’s goddess on the go.