"Don’t wear beige! It might kill you"

Posted by Janet Ellen Molloy on 2nd Sep 2016

After reading this quote by a 75 yo fashionista in the International New York Times 10-11 January, 2015 I had a huge giggle and a very large smirk on my face.

My sentiments exactly! Wearing a beautiful color can make you look and feel years younger.

The article points out that a “longevity revolution” is changing the face of fashion. The “Silver Economy” is on the rise, with studies showing 50yo+ and 60yo+ households in USA and UK have the largest incomes, and hence major spending power. So apparently the “new” trend is many well known designers and retailers are starting to use wonderful, interesting, mature models in their advertizing..

Hence my smirk- we at Goddess on the Go started doing that years ago!!

In our last billboard the 3 models total age was around 150! They had no professional makeup or hair stylists, and I think they look absolutely beautiful. I am proud that such interesting women agreed to represent my brand. 

The world is changing, and many women are leading the New Consciousness movements.

Who can afford, let alone fit, many of the extreme fashions shown on the worlds haute couture runways? For what the huge expense of designer clothes and fashion spectaculars? There are so many better uses for these vast amounts of money.

When I get to be 100 I’ll want clothes that I know aren’t damaging the environment, feel luxurious and comfortable to wear, versatile, in colors that flatter my complexion.Like I do now.  Like my daughter does, like we all do.

That was the reason I created the Goddess on the Go brand when I found I could source eco-friendly, super soft, genuine Lenzing Modal in Indonesia. 5 years later, GotG has a rapidly increasing group of fans from all over the world- even in Siberia! Our dedicated staff (all women) meet regularly with focus groups of other women, to refine styles or consider new colors.

I am very well known for wearing bright colors. Everyone knows something is wrong if I wear black.

As we age, there is often reduced blood circulation resulting in changes to a women’s skin color.. We take extreme care to find the exact shade that is most flattering to women’s complexion. Sales consultants in GotG stores are trained to only suggest styles and colors that make each customer look totally amazing. We are not after the big sale today, but to build long term relationships with each customer, based on trust and sincerity.

Dr Christaine Northrop’s recent book “Goddesses Never Age” points out that there are currently 34,000 centenarians in USA but by the year 2020 the estimate is there will be 600,000. Women will make up more than half that number. That’s a lot of Goddesses on the Go… that’s a lot of colorful, vibrant, fascinating women… I hope they’ll be wearing my brand.