dayu-1.jpgI am 30 year old woman and mother of two children. Krishna Molloy likes playing with Lego and Bella Molloy loves eating pasta. The best thing in my life has been the birth of my two extraordinary children.

I come from a village in the far north of Bali, born to simple parents who were only craftsmen and farmers. I also have an older brother who now has two children the same age as my children.

I am only a high school graduate, I didn't continue to study in university because the family could not afford the fees, Since childhood I was taught to earn money. Before class in elementary school, I sold fried bananas made by my neighbors and was very happy when my fried bananas were sold out. Sometimes my brother and I also picked guava to sell at school. We did that for the six years of elementary school, and sometimes when I came home from school I worked as a baby sitter.

I had to work for pocket money during my childhood, but I never felt ashamed that I had to sell things or work. Sometimes I was ridiculed by friends which made me cry. My worst characteristic is that I’m short-tempered and easily offended.

In junior high school I began to work painting wooden handicrafts. And after high school I began to learn to carve wooded handicrafts and make crafts from glass as well. I was once a motorbike taxi driver for my neighbour.

After graduating from high school, I decided to look for work. My cousin worked in Ubud at a restaurant called Bumbu Bali, which at that time was owned by Gus Wis, the father of my husband. My cousin found me work in the Monkey Forest area in Bumi Bali. When I was accepted to work there I was very happy because I had graduated from high school and was employed.

After a year of working in Ubud, I learned a lot. I saw many boutiques in the Ubud area with collections of clothes, dresses and other beautiful garments. I dreamed of having a small boutique and learning to design clothes in a simple style, but I realized it was impossible because I didn't have the capital, so I forgot that dream.

My cousin would come to see me while I worked at Bumi Bali, and sometimes he brought his friend Nino Molloy, my husband now and forever. Nino was working at his father's restaurant, and that's where I met and got to know my husband. Finally my brother gave Nino my phone number, we became close, liked each other and got married. Our happiness is now complete. Our first child Krishna was born when we lived in Lodtunduh and then we moved to and live in Kemenuh, where my second child Bella was born. I currently live with my husband, children and my mother in-law.

After a few years of living in Kemenuh with my mother in-law who is a great cook, I learned to cook and it is now my hobby. My mother-in-law also has a silver business, restaurant, villa, and garment factory. I have learned a lot about business and food. She really likes traveling, and thanks to her I have visited Singapore, Australia and Thailand. I never imagined I'd be able to fly abroad!

I was very happy when my mother-in-law asked me to work with her. I’ve learned many things about business, especially about garments -- in the past I dreamed about this! In March 2020 with the appearance of Covid-19, everyone was required to use a face mask. This is when I tried to make face masks from Modal fabric and successfully marketed and sold about 3,600 masks in six weeks.

I am very grateful to be introduced to Goddess on the Go by my mother-in-law. I really love what I do now. Hopefully our Goddess on the Go team will always do its best and customers will always love Goddess on the Go.