Our Conscience, Our Community

Goddess on the Go is an ethically driven clothing brand that works with conscience and care. It is important to us that the good work we do for your wardrobe does no harm to our planet. So we adopt sustainable sourcing, manufacturing and retail practices, and work to enhance demand for ethical clothing. Our practices include using ethically sourced natural fibres and fabrics, manufacturing with waste-reducing cutting and materials, and recycling fabric off-cuts into reusable shopping bags in place of traditional packaging.

We are equally passionate about our people and nurturing their potential. We have enlightened employment practices and are committed to improving the livelihoods of our employees. We follow fair trade policies, and reward our employees well.

Goddess on the Go management, together with our sister companies, Jani Silver and Cafe Havana Bali look for ways to empower disadvantaged women, by providing training, employment and self-sustainability initiatives. We also actively support the following local yayasans (foundations) that focus on creating wellness and prosperity, especially for women and children. We are happy to help by being a dropping off-point if you wish to help by bringing items from these organizations wish lists to Bali.

If you have a desire to contribute, click the links to read more about these wonderful organizations, and find out how your skills or resources can change lives.

Bumi Sehat- safe gentle birthing for disadvantaged women in Bali & Aceh.

Bali Kids - runs a mobile clinic that pays monthly visits to every "orphanage" in Bali and does medical and dental checks on all the children. Severe cases are taken back to BK clinic for treatment. They also run an orphanage and take in children living with HIV or orphaned by it.

Sole Men's - work involves alleviating extreme suffering amongst the most marginalized and people with disabilities.

Kopernik connects simple - life-changing technology with the people who need it the most. ...

Smile Foundation Provides free cranio-facial surgery throughout Bali and Eastern Indonesia (Lombok, Sumba etc)

Yayasan Rama Sesana Improving reproductive health and empowerment of low-income women in Bali, through health services and education. YRS has been based at Bali's largest market for 10 years and has plans to have branches in other markets women frequent...